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       Leaded Glass.       

ALSO AVAILABLE: Hurricane Glass rated for various missile impacts, bullet resistant glass, fire rated glass and both fire rated and bullet resistant glass. Call for pricing.

Standard X-Ray lead glass pricing below is 5/16" thick, providing 1/16" (4 lb) lead equivalent shielding value. (Higher shielding ratings available upon request.) X-Ray Safety Glass is available upon request, labeled to meet impact resistance ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat 2. X-Ray Safety Glass is required in any window that occurs within 25" of any door opening, or within 36" from the floor, per glazing safety codes and regulations. X-Ray lead glass should be utilized in interior applications only.

Scroll down to next section and view available Telescoping Frame for windows.

X-Ray Lead Glass cannot be tempered. It is physically impossible due to its low melting temperature and surface characteristics. However, X-Ray Lead Glass is NOT REQUIRED by any safety code to be "tempered". Our X-Ray Safety Glass

meets all current glass safety codes for impact resistance and is permanently labeled accordingly as per ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat 2 and IBC 2406 requirements for hazardous locations indoors and this is particularly applicable in a medical facility environment.

Glass has a refractive index of between 1.76 - 1.79.
Light Transmission approximately 86% - 88%.

Below we show common sizes, prices, and shipping weights for standard 1.6 mm pb equivalent glass with or without frames. If your size is not listed here, please e-mail and/or call us with your size and protection level requirements for a custom quote. Sizes/pricing shown below ship in 2-3 days at receipt of order. Further, larger sizes that divide equally by 6 and are 1/16th lead equiv. also ship in 2-3 working days."Non Stock" larger sizes require 10 working days.
All are Non Returnable.

THESE PRODUCTS AND MATERIALS ARE FOR MEDICAL AND INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS ONLY. (Not to be utilized for residential applications.) Click to Enlarge for clarity details:

Window Size in Inches
5/16" Thick 1.6 mm pb Equivalent
Standard Lead Glass

(Stock # / Your Price)
5/16" Thick 1.6 mm pb
Standard Lead Glass
WITH Standard Frame

(Stock # / Your Price)
Fully Boxed/Crated Ship Weights
Glass Only / Glass & Frame / Ships VIA
12" X 12"
PNWX-XG12X12 / $Call
PNWX-XG12X12F / $Call
30lbs (13.6kg) / 35lbs (15.9kg) / Ground
12" X 16"
PNWX-XG12X16 / $Call
PNWX-XG12X16F / $Call
40lbs (18.1kg) / 45lbs (20.4kg) / Ground
18" X 18"
PNWX-XG18X18 / $Call
PNWX-XG18X18F / $Call
45lbs (20.4kg) / 60lbs (27.2kg) / Ground
24" X 24"
PNWX-XG24X24 / $Call
PNWX-XG24X24F / $Call
45lbs ( / 60lbs ( / Motor Freight

Stock #
Your Price
1x 25' Roll of X-Ray Glazing Tape
Highly recommended for Glass purchased without Frame.
Lead Glass Polishing Kit
Reduces hair-line scratches and fogging.
Powder Coat your frame
(Adds 1 week manufacturing time.)
6" x 24" Safety Glass for Door (No Frame)
6" x 24" Lead lined Vision Frame with X-Ray Safety Glass
to fit 1-3/4" thick door

       X-Ray Glazing Tape.       

X-Ray Glazing Tape

  • Cushions and supports X-Ray Glass.
  • Not affected by radiation exposure.
  • Available ready to ship in only 1 day

  • X-Ray Glass Glazing Tape is 3/8" x 3/8" (0.375" x 0.375") and available in 25' 0" (300") length rolls. This product is adhesive backed for ease of installation in hollow metal frames and removable stops.

    Unlike other glazing tapes, X-Ray Glass Glazing Tape is non-reactive and will not break down when exposed to radiation. It provides even cushioned support around the perimeter of the x-ray glass, metal frame, and removable stop assembly. This product is highly recommended for all x-ray glass installations when not purchasing our frame.

    Stock #
    Your Price
    25' (1 Roll.)

           Lead Lined Steel Telescopic Window frames.       

    Sold only with glass- see above. Lead lined telescopic steel frames are fabricated with 16 gauge Jetcoat, Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel, electro-galvanized. Paint Lock or Galvannealed with 1/16" (1.58mm) or 5/64"(2.0mm) standard lead lining (Higher shielding ratings available upon request). These windows are manufactured for ease of installation in new rough opening "hole in wall" after lead backed wallboard is installed or in existing retrofit cut-out applications. Promptly available in over 40 standard sizes "ready to ship" in just 3 to 4 days, and custom sizes available in only 10 working days. Telescopic frames are also available with many other custom designs, profiles or shielding options to choose from.

    The Lined Telescopic X-Ray Control View Window frame is a modular 2-piece frame that adjusts to wall thicknesses ranging from a minimum of 4 1/4" to a maximum of 8". (Custom sizing available, call for options and pricing.) The standard frame profile will fit into a rough opening "hole in wall" of 1" larger than the ordered size. For example, a control window frame ordered as a 24" x 24" will fit into a rough opening of 25" x 25" hole in the wall. Frame is primed/galvanized and ready to paint.

    Available Special Options...
    * BOTTOM VOICE PASSAGE BAFFLE: Allows for better voice transmission and communication through the bottom sill of the window. This allows for clearer communication between the x-ray technician and patient during medical imaging procedures.
    * 45 DEGREE "SPLAYED" FACES: Allows wider angle range of view into image room, particularly beneficial on smaller frame sizes or frames occurring in very thick walls.
    * VERTICAL CENTER MULLION(S): Allows for larger width with 2 or more panes of X-Ray Glass while also providing additional overall frame strength and support.
    * VERTICAL "T" JOINTS: Allows larger width frames with a very narrow vertical shielded joint of approximately

    1/2" between X-Ray Glass panes. This provides less vision obstruction in view area, however, it does not provide any additional frame strength.
    * EXTRA THICK WALL FRAME THROATS: Allows frame to adjust beyond the standard 7-1/2" wide wall, for extra thick stud or concrete walls available up to 24" wide or as per customers project conditions and requirements.
    * HEAVY LEAD-LINING: Heavier lead-lining beyond the standard 1/16" (1.6mm). Available in a variety of thicknesses for higher energy shielding applications. Available from 3/32" (2.4mm) and up to 1" (25.4mm) along with matching heavier X-Ray Glass lead equivalencies for proper shielding continuity and compliance. Note: Heavier gauge steel construction may be required for additional structural support.
    * THICKER X-RAY GLASS: Available for higher energy lead shielding equivalency requirements such as 3/32" (2.4mm) and up to 1" (25.4mm) or more with glass thicknesses of 1/2" and up to 5" total. Available with matching frame lead-lining for proper shielding continuity and compliance. Heavier gauge steel construction may be required for additional structural support.
    * HEAVIER GAUGE STEEL MATERIAL CONSTRUCTION: Heavier than standard 16 gauge electro-galvanized steel. Intended for additional structural support. Available 14 and 12 gauge "Jetcoat", "Paint-Lock" Galvanized Steel, or 10 gauge "Galvannealed" for excellent corrosion resistance while providing a ready to paint surface.
    * STAINLESS STEEL MATERIAL CONSTRUCTION: Available in 16 gauge 304 Stainless Steel with a #4 brush grained finish for clean-room applications, high corrosion environments or where low ferrous (iron) containing material conditions are required.
    * ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION: Available in .063" thick 5052-H32 Aluminum with brush grained finish and clear anodized for added durability. Ideal for applications where non-ferrous material are required.
    * SECURITY DESIGNS: Heavier gauge steel construction with abuse and impact resistant X-Ray Safety Glass. Set in place with tamper resistant fasteners. Ideal for applications where security and/or high risk is a concern such as jail or prison x-ray rooms.

    PLEASE NOTE: Leaded window frames only sold with glass included!

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