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IMRT Head and Torso Freepoint Phantom!
002H9K - IMRT Head and Torso Freepoint Phantom.
A phantom which properly represents human head and torso anatomy in shape, proportion and structure as well as density. This enables thorough analysis of both the treatment planning and delivery systems.
IMRT Homogeneous Phantom!
002H5 - IMRT Homogeneous Phantom.
A phantom designed for Complete QA from CT imaging quality to dose verification.
IMRT Head and Neck Phantom!
002HN - IMRT Head and Neck Phantom.
A phantom which properly represents human head and neck anatomy in shape, proportion and structure as well as density. This enables thorough analysis of both the treatment planning and delivery systems.
IMRT Thorax Phantom!
002LFC - IMRT Thorax Phantom.
An elliptical shaped phantom which represents an average human torso in proportion, density and two-dimensional structure. It is designed to address the complex issues surrounding commissioning and comparison of treatment planning systems.
IMRT Pelvic 3D Phantom!
002PRA - IMRT Pelvic 3D Phantom.
A phantom which properly represents human pelvic anatomy in shape, proportion and structure as well as density. This enables thorough analysis of both the imaging and dosimetry system.
Dynamic Thorax Phantom!
008A - Dynamic Thorax Phantom.
A throax phantom which simulates 3D tumor motion within the lung.
Dynamic MRI Phantom!
008M - MRI-LINAC Dynamic Phantom
An MRI phantom for assessing MRI image quality and testing tumor localization and motion-capturing capabilities in modern radiation therapy departments.
Dynamic Pelvis/Prostate Phantom!
008P - Dynamic Pelvis Phantom
A precision instrument for investigating and minimizing the impact of prostate motion inside the pelvis.
Motion Platform for Phantoms!
008PL - Dynamic Motion Platform.
A Dynamic Platform provides an economical, user-friendly solution for the complex tasks associated with tumor motion and patient positioning in radiation therapy.
A Cube IMRT Phantom!
009 - Cube Phantom
A cube shaped phantom which enables complete QA from CT image acquisitions to therapy dose verifications.
ISO Cube Daily QA Phantom!
023 - ISO Cube Daily QA Phantom
The CIRS ISO Cube provides a cost-effective, quick and accurate means of testing radiation isocenter alignment between the lasers, light field and image guidance systems.
CIRS 036A SBRT Phantom!
036A - SBRT Phantom.
A SBRT Phantom which provides a means to check the entire treatment chain during commissioning and routine QA.
Multi-Lesion Brain QA Phantom!
037 - Multi-Lesion Brain QA Phantom
A phantom which provides a unique solution for fast, comprehensive film dosimetry for single isocenter plans treating multiple targets simultaneously.
CBCT Electron Density Phantom!
062 Series - Electron Density Phantoms.
A series of phantoms designed to provide a reliable tool for CT number to electron density calibration in volumetric imaging.
Water Equivalent Mini Phantom!
670 - Water Equivalent Mini Phantom.
This Water Equivalent Mini Phantom permits precise evaluation of scatter by eliminating it and X-Ray beam electron contamination during the ion chamber measurements at a reference depth of 10 cm.
ATOM Dosimetry Phantoms!
700-706 - Dosimetry Verification Phantoms.
The complete line of ATOM Phantoms manufactured exclusively by CIRS in the USA.
Proton Therapy Head Phantom!
731 - Proton Therapy Dosimetry Head Phantom.
A anthropomorphic head phantom intended for the commissioning and treatment planning/verification of Proton Therapy systems.
CIRS Plastic Water!
Plastic Water Calibration Material.
A water equivalent plastic which is flexible and will not break under impact, while allowing the calibration of photon and electron beams within 0.5% of true water dose.

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