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       Mammography Single Exposure, High Contrast, Resolution Phantoms.       

Computerized Imaging Reference Systems, Inc! Perform QC inspections of mammography system resolution with just one exposure!

MQSA Item.

The CIRS Model 016A incorporates two 17.5 micron thick gold-nickel alloy bar patterns. (Model 019-500) These bar patterns are positioned at 90 degrees to allow assessment of resolution perpendicular and parallel to anode-cathode axis in just one exposure. The targets have 17 segments from 5 lp to 20 lp/mm and are equivalent to 25 microns of lead or 2.6 mm of aluminum at 20 kV.

The patterns are permanently embedded in a thin acrylic wafer (Model 016AW) to protect them from wear or damage. The phantom body is available in BR12 or BR50/50. It enables consistent, reproducible positioning at 4.5 cm above the breast support plate and 1 cm from the chest wall, centered laterally (as recommended by the American College of Radiology).

The Model 016A includes a 30x hand held microscope and handling instructions.


Material: BR12 or BR50/50
Length: 125mm
Width: 100mm
Height: 20mm

Material: Gold/nickel construction (equivalent to 20 microns lead or 2.6mm aluminum) embedded in acrlyic.

Included items:
016A Set:
(1) 12.5cm X 10cm X 0.5cm Slab
(1) 12.5cm X 10cm X 2cm Slab
(1) 12.5cm X 10cm X 2cm Slab with cutout for Acrylic Target

016AW :
(1) Acrylic Target
(1) 30x Handheld Microscope

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Single Exposure, High Contrast Resolution Phantoms (5 to 20 Lp/mm)
Unless otherwise specified, Includes Microscope.
50% glandular / 50% soft-fatty.
Single Exposure, High Contrast Resolution Phantoms (5 to 20 Lp/mm)
Unless otherwise specified, Includes Microscope.
100% glandular tissue.
Single Exposure High Contrast Resolution Target Wafer (5 to 20 Lp/mm)

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