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       Multi-Modality Pelvic Phantom.       

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Realistic Abdominal Imaging of the Male Bladder and Prostate.

The Multi-Modality Male Pelvic Phantom was designed for realistic abdominal and transrectal ultrasound scanning of the bladder and prostate. The phantom includes pelvic bones, anechoic bladder, prostate, urethra, seminal vesicles and rectum enclosed in a pelvic-shaped plastic housing with a Z-Skin™ membrane. The self-healing qualities of Z-Skin make this design ideal for the demonstration of biopsies and other image-guided procedures.

The phantom is made from materials that can be imaged under ultrasound, MRI and CT making the phantom useful for applications that require multiple modalities such as radiation treatment planning. The phantom is provided with certified prostate and bladder volumes to enable assessment of volumetric measurement accuracy. Modifications are available such as permanently embedded brachytherapy “dummy” seeds or gold fiducial markers for demonstration of target visualization.

Each phantom is sold with a certificate of compliance. To accommodate image fusion techniques, CIRS can offer value added services such as phantom specific CMM, reference CT or MRI data sets, attachment of customer specific registration devices and inclusion of special point markers.

  • Images under ultrasound, MRI and CT.
  • Assess volumetric measurement accuracy on prostate and bladder.
  • Demonstrate biopsy techniques and other image-guided procedures.

  • Specifications...
    DIMENSIONS: 5.9" Wide X 4.33" Long X 4.33" High (15cm Wide X 11cm Long X 11cm High)
    PHANTOM WEIGHT: 16 lbs. (5.9 kg)
    BACKGROUND: Zerdine®
    URETHRA: Zerdine. Ultrasound Contrast: Anechoic Diameter: ¼"
    SEMINAL VESICLES: Zerdine. Ultrasound Contrast: Isoechoic to prostate. Diameter: ¼"
    RECTUM: Zerdine. Ultrasound Contrast: Isoechoic to prostate. Diameter: 32mm
    PELVIS: Tissue Equivalent epoxy resin. Attenuation: Highly attenuating will cast shadows!
    BLADDER: Zerdine. Ultrasound Contrast: Anechoic at 15 dB. Volume: 177cc
    PROSTATE: Zerdine. Ultrasound Contrast: Hypoechoic. Volume: 45cc
    PHANTOM HOUSING: ABS shell, thermoformed to pelvic shape. Membrane: Z-Skin

    Included Items...
    1) Multi-Modality Pelvic Phantom.
    1) Certificate of Compliance.
    1) User Guide.
     ) 6-Month Warranty.

    Optional Features...
    048A-035 CT DICOM Data Set (Serial number specific, 1.5 mm slice thickness @ 120 kvp)

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    Multi-Modality Pelvic Phantom.

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