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Female Ultrasound Training Pelvis!
CIRS Female Ultrasound Training Pelvis.
A Female Ultrasound Training Pelvis which facilitates teaching and demonstration of gynecological ultrasound techniques in a non-stressful situation.
Scrotal Ultrasound Training Phantom!
CIRS Male Ultrasound Scrotal Training Pelvis.
A scrotal Ultrasound Training phantom provides an anatomically accurate phantom for hands-on training on testicular ultrasound exams without the need for live volunteers.
Thyroid Ultrasound Training Phantom!
CIRS Thyroid Ultrasound Training Phantom.
A ultrasound phantom containing a slightly enlarged thyroid gland positioned within an anthropomorphic neck.
Lumbar Puncture Phantom!
CIRS Multi-Modality Lumbar Training Phantom.
A phantom to provide a realistic puncture practice phantom for use with CT, MR, and Ultrasound.
Ultrasound Uniformity Accreditation Phantom!
CIRS Uniformity Accreditation Phantom
A NEW Ultrasound phantom that provides a cost effective solution for satisfying updated ultrasound accreditation requirements published by the ACR.
Prostate Training Phantom!
CIRS Prostate Phantoms.
Prostate Training Phantoms developed for practicing procedures which involve scanning the prostate with a rectal probe.
General Purpose Urethane Ultrasound Phantom!
CIRS General Purpose Ultrasound Phantoms.
Ultrasound test phantoms that allow for a wide variety of general performance test in one device.
CIRS 44 Ultrasound Phantom!
CIRS Ultrasound Resolution Phantom.
A phantom designed for evaluating basic system resolution.
Gray Scale Ultrasound Phantom!
CIRS Gray Scale Ultrasound Phantom.
A single simple tool to assess resolution of masses varying in size, depth and contrast.
Elasticity QA Phantoms!
CIRS Elasticity QA Phantoms.
Phantoms developed for sonoelastography ultrasound systems which contains two sizes of spheres positioned at two different depths. At each depth there are two spheres that are softer than the background and two that are harder than the background.
Near Field Ultrasound Phantom!
CIRS Near Field Ultrasound Phantom.
A Ultrasound phantom that features a series of wire targets that will appear as bright dots or lines and two known volumes made from Zerdine.
General Purpose, Multi-Tissue Ultrasound Phantom!
CIRS General Purpose, Multi-Tissue Ultrasound Phantom.
A Multi-Purpose, Multi-Tissue Ultrasound Phantom which includes a wide array of targets and a unique dual attenuation background gel that allows for the evaluation of transducers ranging from 2 MHz - 15 MHz.
UltraiQ Q/A Software for Diagnostic Ultrasound!
CIRS UltraiQ Q/A Software for Diagnostic Ultrasound.
Software that brings automated phantom image analysis to diagnostic ultrasound.
2D & 3D Ultrasound Evaluation Phantoms!
CIRS 2D & 3D Ultrasound Evaluation Phantoms.
Two separate phantoms which provide for the tests outlined in the AIUM publication "Standard Methods for Calibration of 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Spatial Measurement Capabilities of Pulse Echo Ultrasound Imaging Systems"
Multi-Modality Pelvic Phantom!
CIRS Multi-Modality Male Pelvic Phantom.
A male pelvic phantom was designed for realistic abdominal ultrasound scanning of the bladder and prostate. This phantom can also be imaged under MRI and CT.
Brachytherapy QA Phantom!
CIRS Brachytherapy QA Phantom.
An ultrasound phantom designed to enable users to check key imaging parameters such as depth of penetration, axial and lateral resolution, distance measurements, area measurements, volume measurements and geometric consistency with the treatment planning computer.
Vascular Access Training Phantom!
CIRS Vascular Access Training Phantom.
A training phantom kit designed to provide a realistic training medium for needle insertion with or without ultrasound guidance.
Image-Guided Abdominal Biopsy Phantom!
CIRS Image-Guided Abdominal Biopsy Phantom.
A simplified abdominal training phantom which does not contain organs, but instead has twelve randomly positioned lesions range in size from 8 to 12mm.
Ultrasound Needle Breast Biopsy Phantom!
CIRS Ultrasound Needle Breast Biopsy Phantom.
A simulation phantom intended for the teaching and training of ultrasound guided needle biopsy procedures..
Ultrasound Breast Elastography Phantom!
CIRS Ultrasound Breast Elastography Phantom.
A phantom which accurately mimics the ultrasonic characteristics of tissues found in an average human breast and contains several solid masses that appear isoechoic to the simulated breast tissue under normal ultrasound.
Ultrasound Breast Phantom!
CIRS Multi-Modality Breast Biopsy and Sonographic Trainer.
A phantom design to train users in various aspects of breast imaging and image-guided interventional procedures.
Ultrasound Visualization Training Phantom!
CIRS Ultrasound Visualization Training Phantom.
A phantom that consists of seven 3-D anechoic targets embedded in a scattering background at various depths.
Ultrasound Fetal Training Phantom!
CIRS Fetal Ultrasound Training Phantom.
A realistic high quality imaging model for 2D and 3D ultrasound fetal scanning demonstrations and training.
Fetal Ultrasound Biometrics Phantom.
CIRS Fetal Ultrasound Biometrics Phantom.
A fetal ultrasound phantom designed to be used as training in gestational age estimation exams.
CIRS Doppler Ultrasound Flow Simulator!
CIRS Doppler Ultrasound Flow Simulator.
A Diagnostic Ultrasound Flow Simulator is designed to simulate blood flow in a tissue mimicking phantom, and may be used to perform quality assurance testing of Doppler ultrasound devices.
Quantitative Ultrasound Phantom!
CIRS Quantitative Ultrasound Phantom.
A Phantom which provides a linear response of Broadband Ultrasonic Attenuation (BUA) in the diagnostic frequency range for assessment of bone quality.
Doppler String Phantom!
CIRS Doppler String Phantom.
Doppler String Phantom is an essential tool for calibrating Doppler Ultrasound. By utilizing crystal controlled motor, it accurately generates sixteen pre-programmed waveforms using advanced string target technology.
Blood Mimicking Fluid!
CIRS Blood Mimicking Fluid.
A Fluid intended for use in any flow phantom and with any type of pumping mechanism. It was formulated to simulate the acoustic and physical characteristics of blood.

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