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The CIRS Small Parts Ultrasound Phantom features a compact design ideal for high-resolution imaging systems with a limited depth of penetration. The phantom allows for repeatable, qualitative assessment of uniformity, dead zone, depth of penetration, beam profile/focal zone/lateral response width, vertical distance measurement accuracy, axial resolution, lateral resolution, anechoic masses, high contrast masses, volumetric measurement accuracy, and focal lesion detectability.

Model 050 is made up of a proprietary tissue-simulating material called Zerdine® (1), which accurately simulates the ultrasound characteristics found in human liver.

A series of wire targets included in the Model 050 will appear as bright dots or lines on the ultrasound image. These targets are made from nylon with a diameter of 0.1 mm.

The phantom also containts two known volumes, a 10mm combination cyst-like/hyperechoic mass and anechoic focal lesions embedded within the phantom. These masses are made from Zerdine with a different contrast and attenuation relative to the background material.


Dimensions: 200mm x 150mm x 100mm
Weight: 18lbs (6.7kg)
Material: ABS Housing

Background Gel:
Zerdine, solid elastic water-based polymer.
Freezing Point: 0ºC.
Melting Point: Above 100ºC.
Attenuation Coefficient: 0.5 dB/cm-MHz.
Speed of Sound: 1540 m/s.

Scanning Well:
165mm x 100mm x 10mm deep.

Scanning Membrane:
Saran-based laminate.

Wire Targets:
Material: Nylon Wire.
Diameter: 0.10 mm

Near Field Group:
Number of Targets: 10
Depth Range: 1mm to 10mm
Vertical Spacing: 1.0mm

Vertical Group:
Depth Range: 10mm to 80mm
Spacing: 10mm
Material: 0.1mm Nylon Wire.

Axial Resolution Group:
Number of targets: 12
Depth: 20mm
Spacing: 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm & 5mm

Lateral Resolution Group:
Number of targets: 6
Depth: 15mm
Spacing: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm & 5mm

High Contrast / Cystic Rod:
Material: Zerdine
Diameter: 10mm
Depth: 10mm
Attenuation Coefficient- Cystic Half: Less than 0.1dB/cm/MHz
Contrast- Cystic Half: anechoic
Attenuation Coefficient- High Contrast: 1.2dB/cm/MHz
Contrast- High Contrast: hyperechoic

Focal Lesions:
Diameter of Targets: 3mm & 5mm
Random Distribution

Volumetric Test Objects:
Material: Zerdine
Number of Targets: 2
Speed of Sound: 1540m/s
Attenuation Coefficient: 0.5dB/cm-MHz
Contrast: +9dB
Depths: 20mm, 47mm
Volumes: 7cc, 21cc

Model 050 Includes:
1) Small Parts Ultrasound Phantom.
1) Certificate of Compliance.
1) Carry Case.
1) Removable Scanning Wells.
1) User Guide.
1) QA Worksheet.
-) 48-month Warranty.


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Near Field Ultrasound Phantom

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