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"Wow, I'm really glad I finally found your site!"

We hear comments like that every day here at Pacific Northwest X-Ray Inc. People are slowly finding the biggest and best Radiology Equipment, Accessory and Supply website on the internet. Most visitors have no idea just how large this site is. Simply put - it's hard to say from day to day, but we run around 900+ pages with over 6800 active stock numbers in our database server.

Up to date information...

Products are being added to the site frequently. Others are taken off because they become obsolete or discontinued for various other reasons. Changes are being made to this site every single day!

Better Information...

Larger cleaner graphics, more detailed product specifications, those are the hallmarks of We provide you with more Name Brand product choices with more complete product information. Our data entry staff are working from different parts of the country inputting the most up to date information that the manufacturers provide. When discrepancies are found, they are updated immediately by our data entry personnel. When customers call asking questions and/or requesting information that was not previously available and accessible on the website - we research the answers for that customer and add that information to the website right away! That way you are assured the most complete product information available!

In House Hosting of our website - done right! is its own Internet Service Provider. We also provide co-location and web serving for other businesses both in and out of the Radiology Community. Our own servers sit on racks in our climate controlled network room right here in our head office in the East Portland Oregon Metro Area. All systems are UPS power protected, with the UPS systems backed up by auto-starting and transferring generation systems. This allows us to be 100% in control of our site and keep it up and running with excellence! It also keeps us from being limited to a certain sized site - or being forced to use web authoring programs like Front Page, as so many other sites are hosted in the Radiology industry. If we need additional server power or features, we just slide another server into our racks and it's ready to serve. Furthermore, we are not forced to use a seriously overloaded server at some bulk hosting company that also hosts adult and other questionable sites that are then filtered or blocked by a lot of ISP's to protect their customers from the objectional content. Without all these problems, our sites remain fast, responsive and available to you, our customers, 24/7 for all your needs, at any time that is the most convenient!


Because of our large quantities we purchase, we are able to negotiate lower pricing on many items we market. We pass these savings on to you. Many of our customers find that we can offer them a better value than their small local dealer can offer. In addition, all products that we can price, are priced and posted on our website. If the product you are looking at does not show a price, it means that manufacturer has asked us not to price it on the site. You will need to contact the sales department for your price. Our pricing is kept in databases and is updated as soon as we receive information about any changes from manufacturers.

Web Site Hosting for your site... can host your website on our servers. We specialize in radiology related websites. If you are a radiology manufacturer, we can work with you to host your site free of charge in exchange for our being able to market your products on our websites. Please contact our Network Operations Center for more information.

Quantity discounts...

If you need large quantities of a product, can offer you some of the best quantity discounts. Again, because we purchase much more than most local dealers, we are able to pass that savings on to you. With large quantities, these savings can really add up! Contact our Sales Department for more information on quantity discounts that you may qualify for. They are also available at 800-827-X-Ray.


Because we own and operate our own network, when you send e-mail or fill out forms on our site - they are secure! Your personal information is not sitting around on some overloaded server at your local dealer's Internet Service Provider, waiting on them to dial up and download it. We safeguard all sensitive information with the strongest encryption available and make that information decryptable only by the employees who needs access to that infomation to process your order!

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Every effort is made on our part to keep all posted prices up to date, however we can not guarantee the accuracy due to notification delays by the manufacturers.
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