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       Mamoviewer High Capacity Motorized Film Viewer.       

Diversified Diagnostic Products, Inc. MAMMOVIEWER® - Twice the capacity, 20% less cost.

Introducing the MAMMOVIEWER series of high capacity, motorized film viewers. Designed by mammographers for mammographers. It's fast, quiet, smooth, simple.

Models available include the MV1012 for 24 x 30cm in a 4 over 4 format; and the new MV3D for 18 x 24cm films in a 6 over 6 over 6 and/or 4 over 4 24 x 30cm format. Each model is customized at time of purchase to include a specially made film belt to fit your particular requirements.

Each model accommodates 50 patient studies (optional 75 to 90 patient capacity) on a 4 over 4 or 6 over 6 over 6, one-piece, horizontally moving belt with no elastic bands. There are no annoying bands to interfere with your search for microcalcifications.

Upper and lower films are less than 1 inch apart to facilitate film comparisons as compared to 4-5 inches for competitive units.

Single belt design assures that a patient's films always move together. As shown above, you can format the belt for either 4 over 4 24 x 30cm films, 6 over 6 over 6 18 x 24cm films, or a portion can be set up for mixed large and small. There's even the ability to set up frames for 14" x 17" films!

Each side of the console boasts a slide-out shelf for your convenience. They measure approximately 14" across and are about 15" deep. There is a small drawer on the left side of the console that measures 6-1/2" high and 14" wide.

On either side of the kneespace are five vertical film file slots, approximately 20" high and 3" wide. These are useful for the storage of film file jackets, etc.

The optional center shelf is a handy addition to your work space. It is 15" deep and adjoins the two side shelves.

Our latest innovation is the FrameFinder, which allows you to automatically input a particular frame number on the new Membrane Switch Touch Pad and scroll to that frame with only the touch of the keypad. This is accompanied by the Next Group feature, which allows you to touch the travel switch when you get to the end of the film group you're reading, lights turn off, it scrolls to the first frame of the next grouping, and the lights come back on.

There are no strings to hide microcalcifications or interfere with concentration.

Each lighted screen can accommodate 6 films for baseline study, over 6 films, the last screening, and 6 films, their current study. This is a more thorough method of following your patient's progress over the years, and changes that occur with time will be more apparent. If you don't have films loaded in one area, each bank can be turned off with a separate switch.

On the right side you will find an additional slide-out shelf above the file slots.

With the 3D, superior light collimation is maintained for all size films.

The American College of Radiology recommends a minimum light output of 3000 nits. The MAMMOVIEWER has an average output in excess of 5000 nits.

Models Available:
MV1012 and MV3D

A SINGLE mylar belt, moves horizontally, with a 1" blacked out area between the top and bottom rows. Films slip behind 1" clear lips, top and bottom, MV3D provides 3 rows for small film and 2 for large.

Two banks (upper & lower) with individual ON/OFF, 60,000 Hz fluorescent light dimming system. Three banks for MV3D.
Model MV1012, MV3D --- (4) 48" F40T12/Daylight (40 Watt) bulbs per bank.

Light Output:
Dimmer controlled, may be varied from approximately 600 to 1800 foot-candles (1800-5500 NITS) exceeding ACR standards.

Extraneous Light Reduction:
Vertical - Individual bank ON/OFF
Horizontal - Sliding shutters

Film Size:
Model 1012: 24x30cm and 18x24cm
Model 3D: 18x24cm and 24x30cm

SPECIAL NOTE: Model 1012 and 3D can be configured for any film combination on "X" number of frames by the user. Film belts can also accomodate 14"x17" films.

Model 1012: 4 over 4 large or 6 over 6 small films
Model 3D: 6 over 6 over 6 small or 4 over 4 large films

1012: 400 films
3D: 900 films

1012: 600 films - 75 frames
1012: 720 films - 90 frames
3D: 1350 films - 75 frames
3D: 1620 films - 90 frames

Number of Frames
Standard: 50 (both 4 over 4 and 6 over 6)
Optional: 75, 90 for 1012, 3D

Viewing Area
1012: 24"x44"
3D: 28.5"x44"

One frame per 1-1.5 seconds.

All film movement is activated either manually or by foot switch.

Modes of Operation: Two
FRAME: Belt moves one frame (one set of 4 over 4 films or 6 over 6) in the direction the foot switch is rocked.
CONTINUOUS: Belt moves continually until foot switch is released.

110-120V, 60 Hz, 3-5.4 Amps, CSA Certified

Auxilliary Outlets:
Two on front panel


Highly mobile console with three pull out shelves, one left and two right. Film storage file slots on right and left sides, and a drawer above file slots on the left.
Center Shelf Modification - A pull-out center shelf that fits between the two side shelves is available on any size MAMMOVIEWER as a chargeable option.

NOTE: Price below include the Standard Console. Call for pricing without Console.

Warranty: 1 year parts.

Stock #
Film sizes
Capacity Standard
Capacity Optional
Viewing Area
Approx Weight
Your Price
24cm x 30cm AND 18cm x 24cm
4 over 4 (24x30) OR 6 over 6 (18x24)
600 films/75 frames
720 films/90 frames
24" x 44"
4 48" F40T12 (40 watt) per bank.
71"W x 26"D x 32"H
700 lbs.
18cm x 24cm AND 24cm x 30cm
6 over 6 over 6 (18x24) OR 4 over 4 (24x30)
1350 films/75 frames
1620 films/90 frames
28.5" x 44"
4 48" F40T12 (40 watt) per bank.
71"W x 26"D x 37"H
740 lbs.

Stock #
Option Description
Your Price
Additional 25 Frames for MV1012
Additional 40 Frames for MV1012
Additional 25 Frames for MV3D
Additional 40 Frames for MV3D
Optional Center Shelf for Console
(Compatible with all Mammoviewers)
New Frame Finder Auto Selector
Field Install Frame Finder
Electrical Modification
(For other than 110V, 60Hz)

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