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       Bind-It™ Radioactive Decontamination Products.       

Bind-It™ is a safe, gentle and extremely effective cleaner that binds and traps radioactive iodine allowing it to be removed from most surfaces and skin. Bind-It™ products work by trapping the Radioactive Iodine in solution, then it can be wiped away or rinsed from surfaces that you may have contaminated as the Radioactive Iodine is eliminated from your Body.

Bind-It™ products are gentle enough for routine use and extremely effective at removing radioactive iodine (I131) contamination from almost any surface. Bind-It™ will not stain surfaces. Use Bind-It™ anywhere you suspect radioactive iodine contamination may be present.

Bind-It™has been supplied to laboratories, nuclear pharmacies, hospital nuclear medicine departments for more than 20 years.
There is a real need and desire to protect families from the dangers of second hand exposure to the radioactive iodine from Thyroid treatment patients. Now, your family can get the same level of protection from second hand exposure that hospital workers get with Bind-It™.

Besides being very economical, Bind-It offers three distinct advantages over other decontamination products:
  • Pleasantly scented, Bind-It spray is formulated with a mild, pleasant scent. No harsh odors, no sulfur smell, no wrinkled noses.
  • Bind-It WILL NOT cloud lead glass
  • Finally a way to clean syringe shields and L-blocks - without damaging or clouding the glass.
  • Bind-It is extremely effective at removing nuclear medicine isotopes, including radio-iodines

  • Bind-It Spray LTI030
    is also safe to use on delicate well detectors, thyroid probes and camera heads. Bind-It Spray is non-corrosive, so it is equally safe on painted, coated or varnished surfaces.
    Bind-It works by attracting and binding the isotope, thereby trapping it in solution. This attraction is so powerful, it will even “pull” spilled isotope out of tile grout and other semi-porous surfaces. It is also highly effective as a shield when used to pre-treat surfaces such as bench tops and workplaces where spills are likely. Simply spray the surface and allow to dry. This makes cleanup faster and easier.

    Bind-It Hand Soap LTI046
    is the ideal choice for Hot Lab use. Bind-It Hand Soap will not dry hands like other laboratory soaps. Bind-it hand soap is pleasantly scented and more importantly - it removes skin contamination.
    Be proactive, do your hands a favor and ensure ALARA is met every time you wash your hands.

    Bind-It Spray LTI030
    is ready to use on your bathroom sink, bathtub/shower and floor. The high power spray head helps to soak the surface with Bind-It allowing it to go to work pulling the radioactive iodine off of almost any surface and locking it in solution so it can be safely wiped away. It is ideal for general purpose cleanup of nuclear medicine isotopes. Whether in the hot lab, receiving, camera rooms or patient isolation areas, Bind-It does the job.
    The Concentrate provides you with the maximum flexibility. It is ideal for cleaning the toilet bowl (the largest typical point of contamination), sink, bathtub/shower and for soaking laundry and bed sheets. The concentrate can also be used to refill the ready-to-use spray bottle.

    These items will provide the flexibility to clean most surfaces in your home that become contaminated. Detailed instructions for use are included with all orders. These instructions are also very helpful in detailing many of the surfaces around your home which will need cleaning. Iodine is a very reactive element that can migrate into some very unlikely spots – even attaching to dust particles or becoming airborne. Proper use of Bind-It can minimize second hand exposure to family.

    Available in:
  • Pre-mixed 32oz spray
  • 8oz concentrate
  • 8oz hand soap pump bottle
  • 32oz hand soap dispenser refill

  • Are you or a loved one getting RAI treatment? Order your Bind-It™ Patient Care Pack today.

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    Patient Care Pack
    (2) 8oz Bind-It Hand & Body Soap
    (1) 32oz Bind-It Ready-to-Use Spray
    (1) 8oz Bind-It Radioactive Decontaminate Concentrate
    Bind-It Feline Care Pack
    (1) 8oz Bind-It Hand & Body Soap
    (1) 8oz Bind-It Ready-to-Use Spray
    1x Case of 12 x 8oz. (473ml.) bottles
    Liquid Hand Soap
    Case of 12x 8 oz. (237 ml.) bottles (Pump)
    Spray Cleaner
    Case of 12x 32oz. (946ml.) bottles
    Nuclear Medicine
    Starter Kit
    6x 32oz. (946 ml.) bottles Hand Soap
    1x 32 oz. (946ml.) bottle Spray Cleaner
    1x Wall Mount Touch-Free
    Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser
    Hand Soap Dispenser Refills
    Case of 12x 32oz. (946ml.) Bottles
    Wall Mount Touch-less
    Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser
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